A resource to address smoking cessation needs in the workplace.

About the Program

The Wellness Council of Indiana, in partnership with the Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission (TPCC), created a tool to help you manage your worksite through the full life-cycle of tobacco-free policy changes and to help your employees break their tobacco habits. Utilize this easy-to-follow guide to help overcome the procedural challenges of introducing and enforcing tobacco-free policies and offer information, education and action steps to those who are ready to quit. The Quit Now Tool addresses all of these aspects in an engaging software format.

Quit Now Tool FAQs

Tobacco Consultations

The Quit Now Tool is web-based program and is built as a complement to the services of 1-800-QUITNOW, Indiana’s Tobacco Quitline. The program includes straight-forward, basic information that links participants to free services for support in quitting.

The program consists of 12 chapters and takes roughly 10-15 minutes to participate in each chapter. Chapters 1-3 focus on how to support someone in quitting and the resources available for support. Chapters 4-12 guide a participant down the path to quitting tobacco, beginning with the decision to quit, guiding them to the preparation involved before their quit day, what to expect during those first few weeks of quitting when the triggers and cravings are strongest and finally – how to sustain a tobacco free lifestyle in the long-term.

Quit Now Tool is available to members of the Wellness Council of Indiana. See member pricing here.

We do place a five-day restriction between chapters, as we want to allow time to absorb and reflect on the content. If an employee completed one chapter every five days, the minimum amount of time to complete the program is 60 days.

The tool has a built-in reporting capability so the designated coordinator of the account can pull a user report anytime. This is especially helpful if incentives are being used, as this report holds the users accountable for completing the program. The report does not reveal confidential information but does show the last time users have logged on, the last chapter they have completed and tool completion date.

Absolutely. The Quit Now Tool is available to anyone – employees, spouses or dependents over the age of 18.

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