Emotional/Mental Well-Being

Substance Use Disorder

Smoking Cessation

  • Quit Now Tool – An interactive, educational, on-line program focused on tobacco cessation and prevention
  • Become an Ex – The EX Plan is based on scientific research and practical advice from ex-smokers. It isn’t just about quitting smoking. It’s about “re-learning life without cigarettes”
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – The CDC shares tips from former smokers, real stores of people living with smoking-related diseases and disabilities, information on how smoking affects illnesses and conditions and information on how smoking and secondhand smoke affect specific groups.
  • IN.gov Quitline Information – The Quitline page includes a repository of PDF’s, links and other information about the damage tobacco can cause to the body and the destructive habits of addiction.
  • Indiana Tobacco Quitline Employer Toolkit – Aids employers that are prepared to create a smoke-free workplace and support and encourage their employees to quit smoking through proven tobacco cessation methods.
  • Smokefree.gov – Another website which provides free, accurate, evidence-based information and professional assistance to help support the immediate and long-term needs of people trying to quit smoking.

Financial Well-Being

Community Well-Being

  • Indiana Healthy Communities – provides Hoosier communities with the data, evaluation and strategy to become a healthier place to live, work, learn and play.
  • County Health Rankings – See where your Indiana county stacks up to the state and national benchmarks for health outcomes
  • Healthy People – Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans
  • Indiana INdicators – This free data resource will help perform Indiana community health needs assessments, guide the development of community improvement plans, and much more.
  • National Institutes of Health – The NIH is the nation’s medical research agency, supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into health.
  • Project for Public Spaces – Resources on “Placemaking” and improving community infrastructure

Wellness Strategy

  • AchieveWELL – the Wellness Council’s assessment, evaluation and recognition program that recognizes excellence in the field of workplace well-being.
  • Wellness Council Employer Consultations – Free, personalized strategic guidance regarding diabetes and tobacco use in the workplace
  • Indiana Healthy Worksite Tool Kit – Developed by the Indiana State Department of Health’s Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Needs Assessment from CDC – The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) developed a baseline assessment, which offers research to determine target market segments and product design.

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