Member Connections

The Wellness Council of Indiana offers members a wide variety of benefits.
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Workplace Recognition

AchieveWELL is an award-winning, proven strategic process that provides a road map to the destination of a well workplace and recognizes excellence in the field of health promotion.

Quality Programs and Tools

Member-only access to templates for wellness programs and challenges, a compliant smoking cessation program, helplines, workbooks and inventories are a few of the programs and tools available to you.

Best Practice Sharing

Opportunities for you to connect with other organizations that are working through similar challenges and success as it relates to health improvement strategies. Share ideas, challenges and best practices.

Community Engagement

The Wellness Council of Indiana provides local organizations, business and community leaders with a rally cry supporting health and quality of life initiatives to help spur healthier living and economic development.


Wellness Council of Indiana membership is an affordable option for your organization.