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Have you Tried FoodLink?

Purdue Expands FoodLink – WEST LAFAYETTE – Purdue Extension’s FoodLink is now available for shoppers at more than 100 grocery stores, farmers markets, food pantries and roadside produce stands throughout Indiana. FoodLink is an online hub that provides information about healthy foods including recipes, nutritional information and preparation suggestions. Vendors present cards with QR codes for their fruits and vegetables that costumers can scan with a smartphone. Scanning the codes will direct the user to the FoodLink website. The site displays resources such as how-to videos, photos and safety tips in addition to nutritional facts. The website is free to shoppers and does not require registration More: ... read more

[Article] Obama administration releases rules on wellness programs

A federal agency on Monday released final rules on how employers can offer workers financial incentives of up to 30 percent of the cost of their cheapest health insurance plans to participate in wellness programs without violating federal laws protecting the confidentiality of medical information. The move from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission aims to clear up confusion over the way two federal laws protecting employees’ medical privacy apply to the popular programs, which are designed to control medical spending by reducing obesity, smoking and other risk factors. Read More: ... read more

Healthy Communities…Healthier Workplaces!

This article by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation titled”Healthy Workplaces need Healthy Communities” does a great job of explaining why the Wellness Council of Indiana spent the time and energy to help workplaces get healthier by helping their communities get healthier.  Enjoy the reading and... read more

I doubt many companies can show five consecutive years with maintained or improved coverage and very level premiums.  In fact, our premiums are lower than four and five years ago. Holding the line on the medical insurance costs is one reason we have been able to expand other benefits over this same time period, including: adding a long-term disability option; a fully paid EAP and 24 x 7 doctor hotline for the entire Team; added Wellness incentives and awards; an improved PTO benefit; and pay increases.  We can’t prove this is a direct result, but I think it’s safe to assume that this very uncommon experience, in days of ever-increasing health care costs, can at least partly be attributed to the Wellness efforts put forth by our Team and partners over the years and how those efforts have led to better overall health and fewer medical claims.

Jim Steinberger

CEO, Steinberger Construction, Inc.

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