Featured Board Member of the Month – Kami Reuter

Kami Reuter, Wellness Manager at CNO Financial Group, is one of the Wellness Council of Indiana's newest board of advisors. She is an experienced and innovative well-being professional whose passion is to help others through developing and implementing meaningful...

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Opioid Crisis: Indiana Workforce Recovery Needs Your Input

The Indiana Workplace Substance Use & Recovery Survey is now open. The survey will assess business perceptions, attitudes, knowledge and practices as they relate to preventing and addressing substance abuse in Indiana workplaces. Associations and organizations...

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Join the Raise It for Health Campaign!

Join the Raise It for Health campaign! High health care costs are one of the top issues facing Hoosier businesses, employers and communities. The Wellness Council is helping to lead an Indiana campaign, Raise It for Health, to lower one of the leading contributors:...

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I doubt many companies can show five consecutive years with maintained or improved coverage and very level premiums.  In fact, our premiums are lower than four and five years ago. Holding the line on the medical insurance costs is one reason we have been able to expand other benefits over this same time period, including: adding a long-term disability option; a fully paid EAP and 24 x 7 doctor hotline for the entire Team; added Wellness incentives and awards; an improved PTO benefit; and pay increases. 

We can’t prove this is a direct result, but I think it’s safe to assume that this very uncommon experience, in days of ever-increasing health care costs, can at least partly be attributed to the Wellness efforts put forth by our Team and partners over the years and how those efforts have led to better overall health and fewer medical claims.

Jim Steinberger

CEO, Steinberger Construction, Inc.