The Right Dose

Supporting Your Workforce, Managing Your Risk Against Opioids

The state of Indiana has issued guidelines for employers to follow in the event an employee fails a drug screening or voluntarily comes forward for assistance.

Our video toolkit (below) serves in conjunction with the guidelines and allows an employer to take a deeper dive on the subject matters.


Two-minute introduction from Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar

Module 1

The Impact of Opioids on the Workplace: It’s NOT business as usual

Module 2

Legally-Sound Drug-Free Workplace Program: What am I allowed (or not allowed) to do?

Module 3

Crafting a Policy That Is Right for YOUR Business Operations and Culture

Module 4

The WHY, WHEN & HOWs of Workplace Drug Testing

Module 5

Responding to an Employee’s Harmful Use of Drugs

Module 6

Expand Your Access to a Productive, Employable Workforce by Supporting Employees in Recovery