Workplace wellness analysis and recognition.

AchieveWELL is an award-winning, proven strategic process that provides a road map to the destination of a well workplace and recognizes excellence in the field of health promotion. The Wellness Council of Indiana developed AchieveWELL to assist employers in creating a corporate culture that encourages and supports employee health through worksite wellness programs.

AchieveWELL meets organizations where they are and guides them to the next level of wellness by using tools, templates, and personal coaching to help you comply with the established criteria for delivering a comprehensive and consistent workplace wellness initiative. It is a free program exclusively available to members of the Wellness Council of Indiana.

Our processes are proven to reduce the costly and time-consuming mistakes many internal wellness committees make when attempting to deliver wellness at work. No one can guarantee that any program will lower your company’s costs, but a properly run wellness initiative will greatly better your chances of reducing health care costs, injuries and absenteeism, while increasing productivity, presenteeism and engagement at work.

AchieveWELL is divided into three levels: Three Star, Four Star and Five Star. Each level requires a set of standards to be achieved before a worksite can qualify. The standards are progressive from the Three Star Award through the Five Star Award.

Take the first step toward AchieveWELL by contacting us for a username and password.  If you are not a member of the Wellness Council, but are interested in AchieveWELL, join the Wellness Council and let’s get started.

Had we not chosen to utilize AchieveWELL, our initiative would still be in the hands of just a few people. It is now a part of our environment.

Sara Lynn

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

The guidance and support provided through the AchieveWELL program has helped propel our wellness program and initiatives to the next level. As a result, we continually enhance our programs to maintain a workplace and environment that empowers and supports our associates and their families on their journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle. As an organization, we value the resources and collaborative partnership provided by the Wellness Council of Indiana.

Nicci Spigutz

Ontario Systems

Our five-year workplace wellness pilot program was given permanent financing after three years, and we would not have seen these results had we not followed the AchieveWELL template.

Dr. Carrie Maffeo

Butler University

Five Star AchieveWELL Companies

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