The burning question – for employers and employees: Where do I go for help?

In early 2018, the Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI) and the Indiana Chamber – in partnership with Gov. Holcomb – launched the Indiana Workforce recovery (IWR) initiative. The goal is to help employers understand how the opioid crisis is impacting them (through education, tools and resources) and how they can best assist their employees. Reducing the stigma is an essential objective.

“We’re definitely making an impact when it comes to stigma and awareness of what’s going on,” WCI executive director Jennifer Pferrer contends. “But employers are still struggling with, ‘Is it really impacting me?’ … “In order for it to really change, it comes from the culture. The culture is something that is so significant. When we think of our employees as investments and not expenses, we can make a difference in that.”

Our roundtable discussion brings together a quartet of passionate leaders to share their
perspectives on progress and potential next steps in tackling the opioid crisis.


  • Pferrer, Wellness Council of Indiana
  • Dr. Kristina Box, commissioner, Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH)
  • Mark Michael, president, Fort Wayne Metals Research Products
  • Lisa Suttle, regional vice president for Madison and Delaware counties and for clinical
    services, Meridian Health Services
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