AchieveWELL: Four Star

The Four Star level of AchieveWELL is designed to strategically evaluate, plan and analyze the growth of your wellness initiative. The goal is to move the needle for wellness in your organization and our processes guide you through the components for a successful and sustainable initiative.


  • All Three Star criteria must be satisfied
  • Demonstrated proof of specific program(s) addressing chronic disease management issues
  • Demonstrated proof that wellness initiative is focused on all dimensions of well-being and not exclusively on reducing costs
  • Must have a minimum of five programmed activities for employees ongoing throughout the year
  • Demonstrated evidence of community involvement
  • Documentation of increased awareness toward safety, ergonomics and/or corporate risk mitigation
  • Must show proof of start date of wellness initiative and have completed 24 months of continuous program activity
  • Onsite evaluation will be conducted and the workplace wellness assessment will be the guideline for the evaluation