Wellness Plus Membership

Providing workplaces with personalized and customized support and consultation services. Wellness Plus is designed for organizations that seek professional guidance on the start of or expansion of a comprehensive workplace wellness strategic plan.

Wellness Plus Membership includes:

  • An independent audit of your wellness initiative, including assessment of your workplace’s organizational health
  • Specific training, coaching and consultation at your work sites with leadership, human resources, safety, the wellness champions and your wellness team
  • Telephonic mentoring and coaching throughout the year
  • Specific recommendations and implementation strategies for overcoming wellness roadblocks
  • Personalized communication and promotion strategies
  • Plans for how to manage a lack of support from front line supervisors
  • Implementing wellness for recruitment and retention strategies
  • Identifying the proper measurements for showing success of your wellness initiative

Wellness Plus membership is not a replacement of your current workplace wellness programs; it is an audit and evaluation of your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Wellness Plus membership is an additional fee to your standard annual membership rate. Retainer rates and hourly rates are available.

Wellness Plus Membership Application

More Information

Contact us at info@wellnessindiana.org or by phone at 317-264-2165.

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