By Laura Bliss, project coordinator, Wellness Council of Indiana

 The Indiana Chamber recently signed the JumpIN for Healthy Kids Pledge, which is a Central Indiana coalition of leaders that have embarked upon a journey to be a community whose culture of health inspires children to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The goal is a 12% reduction in the childhood obesity rate by 2025. To accomplish this, the group plans to stimulate new or existing initiatives throughout the community to tackle the complex causes of childhood obesity, and empower children and their families to access and eat healthier foods, increase physical activity and embrace healthy habits in their lives.

Mixify has great information and support for these initiatives. We encourage you to tell your children about Mixify and for you as adults to utilize Mixify and the Balance Calorie initiative to make positive changes regarding food and beverage choices. This Q&A – which revolves around reducing childhood obesity – with a Mixify “expert” resonates with people of all ages.

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