Now that July is almost over, it’s important not to forget the New Year’s Resolutions set back in January. Now is the time to rev-up your resolutions and get yourself and your employees back on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

For many who choose to partake in the yearly quest to make change, New Year’s resolutions typically fall into one or more of the following categories: losing weight, quitting a bad habit, being better with finances, spending more time with family and friends, and/or being more philanthropic. All are great changes, but there’s typically not a lot of follow through or success.

Consider a simple-to-implement program focusing on renewing your employees New Year’s resolution.  Put some life back into your employees by encouraging them to restart their resolutions!  Be the Chief Reminding Officer. What roadblocks have employees faced in reaching their goals and what can be changed to be more successful? What resources and support can you offer employees to help them reach their goals? What has been accomplished that needs to be celebrated?

“Achieving the benefits of improved well-being — lower healthcare costs and increased performance — requires employers to look beyond physical health alone in designing wellness programs for their employees,” states Bruce Middlebrooks of Healthways and author of the article “Employee Well-Being Status a More Accurate Measure of Job Productivity Than Incidence of Chronic Disease.” A new study shows that factors such as a person’s sense of purpose, social relationships, financial security and community attachment, all which make up an individual’s overall well-being, are key indicators of productivity at work, rather than focusing only on physical health.

Need more assistance? The Wellness Council of Indiana offers members access to the “Restart Your Resolution” guideline.  Support your employees on their journey toward a better lifestyle. Join today by contacting