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We all know that good workers are hard to find and retain. An increasing dilemma has been what to do about quality employees or prospects who test positive on a drug or alcohol assessment. Or how to help a worker who comes forward on their own, while also protecting the business. Today, more employers are willing to provide a second chance to these workers – they just need guidance to make that happen.

​Indiana Workforce Recovery’s latest partnership is with Centerstone, the same organization that co-produced Belden’s award-winning Pathways to Employment program in Richmond. Since that program’s launch, Centerstone has integrated lessons learned to produce its very own Workforce Investment Program, and Indiana Workforce Recovery now can offer this to employers throughout the state. This is hands-on guidance for employers who want it and are ready to implement recovery programs.


A nationally recognized not-for-profit provider of mental health and addiction treatment services, Centerstone delivers evidence-based solutions to help employers retain talent dealing with substance misuse and proceed with onboarding qualified applicants currently unable to comply with drug screenings. Centerstone’s Workforce Investment Program provides employers with substance use disorder (SUD) recovery workforce strategies, as well as individualized SUD treatment or linkages to treatment based on location, employment coaching linkages to training and other participant supports for new and incumbent workers struggling with substance misuse.

Through this partnership, direct consultations will be available at low cost to individual businesses. All organizations that complete Centerstone’s Workforce Investment Program will have internal policies and protocols in compliance with Indiana’s new substance use and treatment law, which provides civil liability protections and the ability to participate in wage assignments for participating employers.

Offering a Second Chance

The efforts at Belden to provide workers with the opportunity to come back from a failed drug test have gained national attention. But the program is truly about people. [Full story]

“(When the program was announced) the overwhelming majority was extremely supportive. People applauded in the meeting. People came up asking how they could help and talking about how proud they were to work here. … So many people have been touched by addiction in some way.” – Leah Tate, vice president of HR, Belden

“Centerstone’s Workforce Investment Program provides employers with the practical tools and framework they need to help tackle the issues that arise when current or prospective employees face substance use issues. Through our decades of expertise and thanks to our partnership with Belden, we know that when employers take the time to help their employees, they can onboard and retain good talent and continue to grow.” – Robb Backmeyer, COO, Centerstone

Real Deliverables for Your Business

Centerstone and Indiana Workforce Recovery will provide businesses that take part with:

  • Best-practice substance misuse policies
  • Second-chance agreements
  • Supervisor and HR trainings
  • Individualized treatment for employees in areas where Centerstone offers services; and in other regions of the state, a connection to a vetted behavioral health
  • Educational materials on addiction, alcohol use disorder, depressants, hallucinogens, opioid use disorder and stimulants
  • Best-practice process and protocols for handling failed drug screens that can be tailored to your business
  • Step-by-step implementation guides and direct assistance
  • Program evaluation to track efficacy of the program
Benchmark Your Business

Want to see where your business stands in comparison to best practices? Want to evaluate your cultural readiness for assistance? This checklist will help you evaluate where you are and also help you connect with education and resources.

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