Join the Raise It for Health campaign!

High health care costs are one of the top issues facing Hoosier businesses, employers and communities. The Wellness Council is helping to lead an Indiana campaign, Raise It for Health, to lower one of the leading contributors: our high rate of smoking. You can join, too, by filling out this form.

Statewide, one in five Hoosiers smoke and 3,700 kids become addicted each year. We rank 42nd among the 50 states in our smoking rate and 11,000 Hoosiers die each year from smoking-related illness.
Smoking extracts an enormous price tag on Indiana businesses, at an annual cost of $7.6 billion. Each smoking employee costs an employer an extra $6,200 each year. You can learn more about the facts at

If we want to improve our state competitiveness and reduce health care costs, we have to address this problem head-on. That’s why we support the Raise It for Health campaign goal of raising the per-pack cigarette tax by $2. If we do that, 70,000 working-age adults will quit smoking and 60,000 kids would never start smoking. Not to mention, we would raise $360 million in the first year alone that can be dedicated to urgent workforce health crises like our opioid crisis.

We need businesses to join the campaign if we want to succeed in passing a cigarette tax increase in our next budget. Support from health leaders in our state is not enough.

Can you join today? It takes just 5 minutes to lend your support.

Stay tuned for more updates from us on the Raise It for Health campaign!