Community Resource List

Free health and well-being resources for your community.

Below are resources for your community to utilize on your journey to becoming a designated Indiana Healthy Community. These resources were compiled by the Wellness Council of Indiana to help you gather the necessary data and information on policies, programs, services, and events to help your community reach its goals and objectives.

Resources are organized into a general community planning category, and into the four domain areas of the Indiana Healthy Community Initiative: Health, Economy, Environment, and Community. Subdomains are also included.

If you find that any of these resources need to be updated or improved, please contact us at [email protected] or (317) 264-2165.

Community Data Sources

  1. County Health Rankings (Outcomes and Factors) – See how your county compares with others in the state for health factors and outcomes
  2. U.S. News Healthiest Communities – Get information on equity, education, economy, housing and more
  3. Community Commons – Create maps and reports for your community with data about equity, the economy, education, environment, and health factors
  4. SAVI Community Assessment – SAVI community assessment and planning tool helps you learn about your community’s population
  5. Indiana INdicators – Explore health related indicators with this tool by the Indiana Business Research Center from IU’s Kelley School of Business
  6. Livable Community Index – AARP’s Livability Index scores neighborhoods and communities on factors that affect livability and impact residents
  7. National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network – County-specific interactive maps and charts on a variety of topics such as proximity to parks and green space, agricultural land use, air quality, and more.
  8. Food Environment Atlas – This tool from the USDA allows you to view county-level information on food environment indicators such as proximity to grocery stores, fast food density, food prices, and much more.
  9. Walk Score – Find out how walk-able your community is
  10. Rural Indiana Stats – View rural community health and socioeconomic data using this tool developed by Purdue’s Center for Regional Development
  11. US Census Bureau – Comprehensive source for community demographic information

Coalition Building

  1. Indiana Coalition Examples and Resources – Community health partnerships and coalitions from the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
  2. Developing Effective Coalitions – An eight-step guide for developing effective coalitions from the Prevention Institute
  3. Coalition Building and Partnerships – Coalition building resources from Plan4Health and the American Planning Association

Community Health Toolkits and Guides

  1. The Community Guide – Community interventions, campaigns, and resources on a wide variety of health topics
  2. Good & Healthy Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Planning Toolkit – From the South Dakota Department of Health
  3. Healthy Community Planning Toolbox – Planning toolbox from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in Washington
  4. Resource Guide for Healthy Community Planning – Guiding questions from Washington’s American Planning Association
  5. Brainstorming Community Assets – Community asset inventory from Healthy People 2020
  6. Sample Community Health Needs Assessments – Compiled by the U.S. National Library of Medicine
  7. Community Health Online Resource Center –Tools, fact sheets, and policies to support community health from the CDC


Community Health Services and Access

  1. The Community Guide – Community interventions, campaigns, and resources on a wide variety of health topics from The Community Guide (
  2. Sample Community Health Improvement Plan – From the Hamilton County Public Health Department in Ohio
  3. Sample Community Health Improvement Plan – From the Cherokee County Health Department in North Carolina
  4. Indiana WIC – Indiana Women, Infants, and Children program information from the Indiana State Department of Health

Nutrition and Food Access

  1. Sample Land Use Policies for Farmer’s Markets – Land use policies to protect and promote Farmers Markets from ChangeLab Solutions
  2. Nutrition and Food Policy Database – Large policy database from Growing Food Connections
  3. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – Indiana SNAP information from the Family and Social Services Administration
  4. SNAP Guide for Farmers Markets – Guide to using SNAP benefits for Farmers Markets from the Farmers Market Coalition
  5. Hoosier Farmers Market SNAP Start-up – A toolkit to help Indiana communities begin a SNAP voucher program at farmers’ markets
  6. Guide to Healthier Food Retail – Strategies for recruiting grocery stores with healthy options from the CDC
  7. Policy Change Toolkit for Healthier Food in Your Community – Toolkit for community food policies from the Center for Science and Democracy
  8. Creating Successful Healthy Restaurant Policies – Document to help understand laws regulating restaurants from ChangeLab Solutions
  9. Guidelines for Restricting Trans Fat in Restaurants – From policies implemented in New York City from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  10. Sample Farm Land Use Agreement – Land use planning agreement from Chocolay Township in Michigan
  11. Sample Healthy Food Retailer Incentive Program – Sample program and policy from the City and County of San Francisco

Healthy Workplaces

  1. Wellness Council of Indiana’s AchieveWell Process – A proven strategic process that assists employers in creating a culture of well-being in the workplace from the Wellness Council of Indiana
  2. Sample Workplace Health and Safety Policies – Sample workplace policies from the Ottowa Public health Department
  3. Sample Return to Work Policy – A sample policy from SAIF (Oregon Worker’s Compensation)
  4. Employment Law Handbook – Employer guide to state and federal employment laws from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  5. Safety and Health Guide for Indiana Businesses – Create an environment of safety and health in the workplace from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  6. Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit – Toolkit from the American Heart Association to help employers improve their food environment
  7. Sample Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy – Sample policies from the American Lung Association
  8. CDC Healthy Worksite ScoreCard – a comprehensive assessment tool for employers to prevent chronic health conditions from the CDC

Tobacco and Smoking Cessation

  1. Smoke-Free Policies – An action guide for smoke-free ordinances from the Partnership for Prevention
  2. Sample Smoke-Free Community Policy – a sample policy from Tulane University
  3. Indiana’s State Smoke Free Air Law – Information on Indiana’s Smoke Free Air Law from the Indiana State Department of Health
  4. Quit Now Tool – Indiana’s Tobacco Quitline from the Wellness Council of Indiana and the Indiana State Department of Health

Physical Activity and Recreation

  1. How to Organize a Community 5k – An informational guide from the Active Network
  2. Strategies to Increase Physical Activity in the Community – A community guide from the CDC
  3. Zoning Policies to Support Walking – Land development and zoning policies from the University of Illinois at Chicago
  4. Community-Based Social Support for Physical Activity – Interventions from County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
  5. Community Physical Activity Workshop and Policy Examples – A workshop summary of physical activity solutions from the Institute of Medicine

Behavioral Health

Substance Use

  1. Alcohol and Drug Prevention Promotion and Policies – Community strategies and policies from the Surgeon General
  2. Indiana Workforce Recovery Initiative – Resources and tools for employers navigating the opioid conversation in the workplace
  3. Indiana Opioid Impact Factsheet – Indiana opioid facts from the Wellness Council of Indiana
  4. Syringe Services Programs – Information on developing, implementing, and monitoring syringe programs from the CDC
  5. Syringe Exchange Program Handbook – Guide on syringe exchange programs from the Utah Department of Public Health
  6. Harm Reduction and Syringe Exchange Program Guidelines – Guidelines for implementing needle exchange programs from Kentucky Public Health
  7. Harm Reduction Resources – Harm reduction training and resources from the Indiana Recovery Alliance
  8. Opioid Overdose Education Law Enforcement Officer Training Guide – Example training guide from the Virginia Dept. of Behavioral Health
  9. Indiana Prescription Drug Take Back Locations – Locations and programs from the Indiana Government
  10. National Prescription Drug Take Back Day – A nationally recognized day addressing proper disposal of prescription drugs 
  11. How to Start an Unwanted Medicine Disposal Program – A toolkit to help communities establish a program around safe disposal of medicines from the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and University of Illinois Extension

Mental Health Services

  1. Starting a Community Conversation around Mental Health – How to bring awareness to mental health issues in the community from
  2. Indiana Suicide Hotline – List of location-specific crisis hotlines around the state of Indiana
  3. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – National lifeline for individuals experiencing a crisis
  4. Crisis Text Line – National text services that connects individuals from anywhere in the US to trained crisis counselors
  5. Crisis Intervention Team Training for Law Enforcement – Law enforcement training developed by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Indiana
  6. Training for Police Mental Health Collaboration Programs – Specialized training for officers from the Police Mental Health Collaboration

School and Child Health

  1. Adolescent Health Interventions – Research findings and promotional materials from The Community Guide
  2. Vaccination Programs and Resources – Research findings and promotional materials from The Community Guide
  3. School Physical Activity Policy Assessment – A policy assessment for elementary schools from Active Living Research
  4. Comprehensive School Health Policy Guide – Sample school health policies and implementation guides from the CDC
  5. Sample Comprehensive School Health Policy – Sample school health policies from D.C. Healthy Schools
  6. Indiana Safe Routes to School Program – A state program designed to make walking and biking to school safe and routinefrom the Indiana DOT
  7. Indiana Office of School and Community Nutrition – Programs and resources from the Indiana Department of Education
  8. National School Lunch Program – Program resources and requirements from the Department of Education
  9. Tools for Schools: Focusing on Smart Snacks – Tools and resources for offering healthy snacks in schools from the USDA
  10. Indiana School Wellness Policy – Information for creating and enhancing school wellness policies from the Indiana Department of Education
  11. Indiana Healthy Schools Toolkit – Comprehensive healthy school toolkit from the Indiana State Department of Health
  12. Guide to School Recess Policies – Recess policy components and guidelines from SHAPE America
  13. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids – Resources and programs to address youth tobacco use from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids



Community Economic Indicators

  1. County unemployment/employment rates – Find your county’s labor market statistics from the Ball State Center for Business and Economic Research
  2. Population Trends by County – Tool to find population trends in your community from the Indiana Department for Workforce Development
  3. Comprehensive Source for Indiana Labor Market Data – Aggregate state labor market data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  4. Living Wage Calculator by County – Calculate the estimated needed living wage in your community from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  5. Sample Economic Development Strategic Plan – A complete economic development strategy from Zionsville, IN
  6. Sample Strategic Plan for Economic and Community Prosperity – Regional economic development plan from Southwest Central Indiana
  7. Resources for Smart Growth in Small Towns – EPA Smart growth Initiative

Workforce Development 

  1. State Workforce Development Plan – Indiana State Dept. of Workforce Development strategy and resources
  2. Ivy Tech’s Workforce Alignment Program – Example of a local college providing education and training to meet community workforce needs from Ivy Tech
  3. Sample Community Workforce Development Plan – Comprehensive plan for El Paso, TX from the City of El Paso Public Health Department
  4. Example Community Training and Skill Development Program – Career training, assistance, and information from Eastern Indiana Works
  5. Indiana INTERNnet – Community program for Indiana students and employers for internship connections
  6. Indiana Career Ready – Career education and training resources for Indiana jobs and industries from the Department of Workforce Development

Business Climate

  1. 2018 Indiana Business Climate Fact Sheet – 2018 fact sheet from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  2. Economic Programs and Tax Credit Facts – materials and downloadable resources from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  3. Example “Keep It Local” campaign – Example “keep it local” campaign for Evansville, IN from the Southwest Indiana Chamber
  4. Business Tax and Legislative Information – Publications from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  5. Indiana Small Business Development Center – Locations for all of the Indiana Small Business Development Centers around the state


Pollution, Waste, Water Systems, and Energy Use

  1. Municipal Recycling Program Toolkit – A toolkit for municipalities to use when starting a recycling program from the EPA
  2. Environmental Health Data and Resources – Community resources for areas taking action on community environmental issues from the EPA
  3. Envirofacts – EPA tool to retrieve information on air quality, water quality, toxic releases, waste, and more
  4. Toxic Release Inventory – Learn about toxic chemicals that industrial facilities are releasing into the environment in your community from the EPA
  5. Energy Efficiency Policies and Program Resources – From the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  6. Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations – 25 recommendations from the International Energy Agency

Infrastructure and Spaces

  1. BE Active: Connecting Routes and Destinations – Approaches to improving the built environment to support physical activity from the CDC
  2. Project for Public Spaces – Planning, design, and educational resources for creating sustainable public spaces
  3. Built Environment Assessment Tool – CDC tool to measure your community’s core environmental features and qualities
  4. Indiana Complete Streets Initiative – Learn how to implement complete streets policies in your community with these resources from Health By Design
  5. Community Park Audit Tool – A tool used to assess local community parks from Active Living Research
  6. Health Impact Assessment – A tool from the CDC to help plan for and implement a Health Impact Assessment
  7. Joint Use Agreement Resources – Sample agreements and ideas for joint-use situations from ChangeLab Solutions
  8. Joint Use Toolkit – Toolkit for implementing joint use agreements from Harvard Law and the Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation
  9. Implementing Shared Use Agreements – Laws and guidelines for shard use agreements from the Indiana State Department of Health
  10. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Resources – Laws and regulations on ADA compliance from
  11. ADA Guide for Small Towns – Resources for ADA compliance for small towns from the U.S. Department of Justice
  12. ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities – A compliance checklist for existing structures and facilities from the Institute for Human Centered Design
  13. Land Use Planning for Agriculture – Model zoning ordinances for agricultural land use from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture
  14. Sample Comprehensive Land Use Plan – A sample county land use plan for Allen County, IN
  15. Indiana Planning and Zoning Laws for Land Use – Laws behind planning and zoning in Indiana from the Purdue Extension


  1. Walk Score – find out how walkable your community is using this tool from Redfin
  2. Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale – A tool that can used to assess neighborhood walkability from Active Living Research
  3. Worksite Walking Audit Tool – A sample audit for worksite walkability from the CDC
  4. Sample Pedestrian Master Plan – A comprehensive pedestrian transportation from the Chicago Department of Transportation
  5. Sample Pedestrian Master Plan – A pedestrian master plan from the City of Fort Collins in Colorado


  1. Bikeability Checklist – Rate your community’s bikeability with this tool from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  2. Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines – Prompt lists and audit guidelines from the Federal Highway Administration
  3. Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure – Tools communities can use to increase biking and walking from the League of American Cyclists
  4. Urban Bikeway Design Guide – Design bikeways and improve bike infrastructure from the National Association of City Transportation Officials
  5. Bike Share Planning Guide – A publication designed to help establish bike share programs from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
  6. Community Bike Co-op Example – A small community bike-share success story in Bloomington, IN from the Bloomington Community Bike Project

Transportation Services

  1. Bus Stop Accessibility and Safety – A toolkit to improve the safety and accessibility of bus stops from the from Easter Seals Project ACTION
  2. Importance of Public Transportation for Low-Income Households – Prepared by the National Association for State Community Services Programs
  3. Senior Affordable Transportation Examples – List of options compiled by AARP
  4. Sample Transportation Master Plan – A sample master plan from the City of Boulder in Colorado

Public Safety

  1. Example Local Emergency Planning Committee – Example of a community committee focused on public safety – Delaware County, Indiana
  2. Safe Routes to Parks Framework – Framework for developing safe and equitable access to parks from the National Recreation and Park Association
  3. Example Public Safety Services – Resources and examples from the City of Bloomington, Indiana
  4. Safe and Civil City Program – Example of a program focused on welcoming and respecting all visitors and residents from the City of Bloomington, Indiana
  5. Prepareathon Program – A planning guide for hosting emergency preparedness events in the community from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  6. Sample Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan – A sample community plan from the City of Indianapolis and Marion County
  7. Emergency Preparedness Resource Center – Tools and resources for individuals and communities from the Indiana State Department of Health


Local Decision Making

  1. Indiana Public Access Laws – Handbook on Indiana public access laws pertaining to government meetings from the Indiana Public Access Counselor
  2. Addressing Community Equity – Sample equity assessment from the Minnesota State Department of Health
  3. Regional Planning for Health Equity – A guiding document to help communities plan for and consider equity from Policy Link
  4. Sample Health Equity Impact Assessment – An assessment developed by the North Carolina Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities
  5. Citizen-Initiated Performance Assessment for Local Government – A guide for engaging citizens to improve government performance from IUPUI
  6. Civic Engagement – Resources and topics from the National League of Cities
  7. Youth Participation in Local Government – Examples from across Washington state from the Municipal Research and Services Center in Washington

Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention

  1. Example Neighborhood & Housing Strategy – Example of a comprehensive plan for Indianapolis and Marion County
  2. Indiana Supportive Housing – Resources and information on the Indiana Supportive Housing Initiative and the Housing First Program
  3. Sample Community Housing Needs Assessment – A sample assessment from the City of Bloomington in Indiana
  4. IDEA Housing Toolkit – A toolkit for supporting affordable housing across the income spectrum from the Indiana Economic Development Alliance
  5. Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority – Resources and tools on Section 8 vouchers, emergency shelters, transitional housing and more
  6. Example Live Near Your Work Program – A sample program from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD

Equitable Access to Services

  1. Policies to Support Community Equity Solutions – 6 policies to support community equity solutions from the National Academies of Sciences
  2. Comprehensive List of Health Equity Resources – Policies and resources on a variety of equity topics from the American Academy of Family Physicians
  3. Social Inclusion Initiative – A white paper from the Department of Health and Human Services on social inclusion and community
  4. Projects from the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities – State programs supporting community inclusion for people with disabilities
  5. Veteran Health Equity Information – Research and resources from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  6. LGBTQ Equity Resources and Information – Journal articles and research from the Urban Institute
  7. Sample LGBTQ Accessibility and Non-Discrimination Policy – Sample inclusion policy from the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance
  8. Non-discrimination and Non-harassment Policy Example – A policy statement from the Portland Community College Office of Equity and Inclusion
  9. Inclusive Community Health Implementation Package – Addressing inequities from the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability
  10. Americans with Disabilities Act – Information and guidance to help communities comply with ADA regulations from the Federal Transit Administration
  11. Racial Equity Resource Guide – A guide with resources to address racial and ethnic equity disparities in the community from The W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  12. Race Equity and Inclusion Resources – A library of resources and tools to assist with racial equity from the Annie E. Casey Foundation
  13. Child Care and Development Fund – Program to assist low-income families with child care costs and access from FSSA
  14. Paths to Quality – a search engine for early child care with low-cost options and CCDF reimbursement from Paths to Quality

Arts, Culture, and Events

  1. Sample Percent-For-Art program – Sample ordinance establishing public arts for neighborhoods from the Indiana Community Affairs and Education Commission
  2. Percent for Art Policy Brief – Percent-for-art policy brief with an example state program from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
  3. Community Arts and Culture Strategic Plan – A sample comprehensive plan from Noblesville, IN
  4. Cultural District Toolkit – Resources and Information for establishing a cultural district in your community from Americans for the Arts
  5. Cultural District Planning – Community examples with “lessons learned” from the National Endowment for the Arts
  6. Placemaking Resources – From the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority

Financial Services

  1. Indiana Prosperity Scorecard – A state-specific report and scorecard for Hoosier prosperity from Prosperity Now
  2. Community Financial Literacy Resources – Publications and resources on community financial topics from the U.S. Department of the Treasury
  3. Financial Literacy Resources – Programs and educational opportunities compiled by the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
  4. Money Smart Training Program – A consumer-facing program with resources from the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions


  1. Family-Friendly Community Checklist – a tool for sparking ideas and discussions about the family-friendliness of your community
  2. Indiana-Specific Breastfeeding Laws
  3. Federal Breastfeeding Laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  4. Community Action Agencies – A list of state agencies that advocate for healthier and safer communities from the Indiana Community Action Association