Wellness Council of Indiana Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wellness Council of Indiana?

The Wellness Council of Indiana is a 501(c)(3) organization and the only statewide not-for-profit specifically dedicated to work site wellness and community well-being in Indiana. We focus on supporting organizations, like yours, throughout the state to promote consistent and comprehensive wellness initiatives that have been proven to reduce health care costs, strengthen employee engagement and help recruit and retain top talent.

What is the mission of the Wellness Council of Indiana?

The Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI) works collaboratively to positively impact the economic vitality of the state of Indiana by evaluating and guiding workplaces and communities through the development of their own comprehensive health and wellness strategy. WCI members and staff inspire active living, community engagement and corporate social responsibility.

What is the value of Wellness Council of Indiana membership?

The WCI strives to provide organizations a valuable experience. We have the tools and resources to help you design, build and sustain a successful and comprehensive wellness initiative. Member-only access to templates for wellness programs and challenges, compliant smoking cessation programming, helplines, workbooks, on-site or phone consultations and inventories are a few of the resources available to our members. Our AchieveWELL designation guides you in making strategic decisions for your wellness initiatives that will lead toward making an impact on your organization’s bottom line. Additionally, members can take advantage of discounted pricing for the Indiana Health and Wellness Summit.

Why should workplace care about employee and community well-being?

In today’s business climate, one key strategy to keeping and retaining top talent is to focus on employee engagement. Best practices in engagement focus on having our high achievers healthy, happy with their role and excited about their future with the company. Engagement strategies are essential pillars for the evolution of successful workplace wellness initiatives. Building a strategy of well-being centered on keeping employees concentrated (presenteeism), dedicated (purpose well-being) and healthy (physical well-being) reduces absenteeism, increases performance and reduces turnover. When your wellness strategy aligns with your disease management strategy, health care costs are positively impacted.

How does my organization join the Wellness Council of Indiana?

By visiting our membership page on our website. Or by contacting us at [email protected] or (317) 264-2165.

How is my organization’s membership investment calculated?

Membership dues are based on a company’s total number of employees in Indiana.

What networking opportunities are available through membership with the Wellness Council of Indiana?

We offer several events each year where you can connect with other organizations around the state that are working through similar challenges and successes as it relates to health improvement strategies, including the annual Indiana Health and Wellness Summit, the largest gathering of wellness professionals in Indiana. Additionally, we host regional IdeaShare round-table discussions and peer summits across the state that provide opportunities to interact with your peers and share best practices.

My organization already has a wellness program. How can we benefit from Wellness Council of Indiana membership?

Absolutely. Wellness Council of Indiana is not a wellness program and does not replace your existing organizational wellness programs. We provide the support, best practices and collaboration opportunities to enhance and evolve your current wellness strategy. As the workplace wellness conversation continues to evolve, members can utilize the WCI to stay up to date on the latest trends and research.  If you already have a wellness program, we can help tell your story and help your organization gain well deserved recognition as an AchieveWELL organization.

What does the WCI do to improve community well-being?

The Wellness Council of Indiana provides local organizations, business and community leaders with a rally cry supporting health and quality of life initiatives to help spur healthier living and economic development through our Indiana Healthy Community initiative. The focus is on how Indiana workplaces, schools, neighborhoods and other “places” develop and evolve an atmosphere of pride for its residents and a sense of excitement for businesses that look to expand or relocate their good jobs to your community.

What is the term length of Wellness Council of Indiana membership?

Your membership remains active for one year from the month in which you join. For example, if you joined on 9/13/2017, your membership renewal investment would be due on 9/1/2018.

Is our Wellness Council of Indiana membership investment tax deductible?

Yes, membership dues are 100% tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

I’m a member of the Indiana Chamber; does that make me a Wellness Council of Indiana member?

Unfortunately, no. The Wellness Council of Indiana is a subsidiary, but separate member organization, from the Indiana Chamber; therefore, a unique membership is required.