Being responsiblOutdoor adventuree, accountable and supportive are, combined, one of the 10 traits you must be able to prove when being evaluated for AchieveWELL – the Wellness Council of Indiana’s nationally-renowned, award-winning process for helping workplaces properly implement a strong wellness strategy.

Sometimes, the responsible folks who keep us accountable and provide that support do not necessarily work together. These networks are family and friends. Workplaces pursuing wellness at a high level have realized long ago that the goal is to have a great support network with accountability at work AND at home. A successful strategy focuses more on having employees coming to work every day healthy, happy and ready to produce – no matter where the support and accountability are offered.

Since this is our goal with the Indiana Healthy Community initiative and to get more people activated, we piloted our first Live Healthy Indiana program, SHIFT, and were very pleased with its success. We’re now preparing to launch our newest event: “Indiana Outdoor Adventure.”

The Indiana Outdoor Adventure challenge is a journey of refreshment, revival and exploration! Over the course of six weeks, you’ll travel through Indiana to amp up your activity and refine your nutrition. Each week, you’ll make a stop at one of Indiana’s most beautiful trails, parks or outdoor green spaces to refresh, revive and explore. We’ll provide you with an activity challenge, helpful nutritional tips and tricks, and inspiration to keep you going throughout the week.

As a workplace, you can receive data details for employees who participate. All you have to do is complete and return the administrator form. A unique Group ID will then be provided for employees to use during registration (for reporting and if you’re interested in offering a company-sponsored discount). Need more information? Contact Marci at or call (888) 282-0822 during business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST).

Marketing materials will be provided. Sign up today! The challenge runs October 10 through November 18. Special thanks to Anthem and INShape Indiana for their continued support of Live Healthy Indiana.