2018 Indiana Health and Wellness Summit

September 6-7, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana


Employers who take aggressive action toward implementing wellness programs will see decreased health care costs, increased awareness for both low- and high-risk employees, and reduced absenteeism, which can save the company thousands of dollars. This Summit will show you how to implement effective wellness programs, how to collect and analyze data to find out what’s working, how to measure your return on investment and so much more. No matter what your organization’s size or industry, you can benefit from attending this event.

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What do Summit attendees have to say?

This [was] my first time attending the conference. I was able to learn, and make connections through out the Summit. If given the chance, I will certainly attend again.

Jeran Lantz-Robbins

Strong content, humanizing and knowledgeable presenters, well thought through presentations, and an unexpected lift for one’s spirits — lots of adult problem solving and conversation!

Bill Ghormley

I got a lot of great information from this Summit. The keynote speakers were fantastic as were many of the other speakers. The conference was very well planned. Thank you!

2017 Summit Attendee

This event did a great job of incorporating all types of wellness. I’m already excited for the 2018 Summit!

2017 Summit Attendee