We spoke to Todd Shickel, a long-standing member of the Wellness Council of Indiana Board of Advisors. Todd is the Vice President of Business Development at Elements Financial. He provided insight into his 2018 well-being predictions and some fun facts about himself. To learn more about Elements Financial, click here.




Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI): What’s your prediction for the top health/well-being trend in 2018?
Todd Shickel (TS): Holistic well-being

WCI: How long have you been a board member of the WCI?
TS: Five years

WCI: What do you enjoy most about the health and well-being field?
TS: Health and well-being support every component of our lives and are key to a happy life.

WCI: Why should workplaces invest in employee well-being?
TS: There is no longer work/life balance. Today, it is life balance and employers are creating a better experience for their employees.

WCI: What do you like to do in your free time?
TS: I love going to concerts and seeing great musicians and bands throughout the country.