Linda Passmore, CEO, Complete Wellness Solutions
Board Member, Wellness Council of Indiana


Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI): How long have you been a board member of the Wellness Council of Indiana?

Linda Passmore (LP): Over five years.

WCI: What do you enjoy most about the health and well-being field?

LP: Helping our clients create effective programs to help their employees improve their well-being. I love going through our summary risk reports and data analytics to see improvement in not only health-related outcomes such as reduction in blood pressure reading, tobacco use and glucose readings but also on the self- reported behaviors. We also have surveys after each challenge or program is completed and I like seeing the personalized comments about how they noticed improvements in other areas of their life – not just in the challenge focus area.

WCI: What is your prediction for the top health/well-being trend in 2018?

LP: The majority of wellness initiatives used to just concentrate on physical health focusing on standard weight loss challenges and tobacco cessation programs. Wellness has evolved to well-being focusing on all aspects such as purpose, physical, mental, social, financial and community. Programming is so much more effective when the individual can choose a program that best fits his or her individual needs. Incentives are still necessary to motivate the masses. Once employees start participating in the various programs, they start feeling better and the rewards become intrinsic.

WCI: Why do you think workplaces should invest in employee well-being?

LP: Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Consequently, we want to help them know how to take care of their mind/body/spirit so they can function at their best at work and home. We do this by providing education and awareness, providing activities that actually change behavior in an environment that supports wellness. As a workplace, we invest in better equipment, technology etc. Of course we should invest in our employee’s well-being. As a society, we have a social responsibility. For the first time in our history, our life span is not increasing but decreasing. We want our children and grandchildren to live a longer healthier life than us.

WCI: What do you like to do in your free time?

LP: Love to spend time with my adult children, our first grandchild and our pets!