Jane Ellery, Ball State University
Board Member, Wellness Council of Indiana


Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI): How long have you been a board member of the Wellness Council of Indiana?
Jane Ellery (JE): More than five years.


WCI: What do you enjoy most about the health and well-being field?
JE: It is ever evolving. As we learn more, we recognize the impact that just about everything has on our decision-making, and on our health and well-being.


WCI: What is your prediction for the top health/well-being trend in 2019?
JE: Healthy tourism. I see an expansion of opportunities (or at least marketing strategies) that allow you to be well while vacationing. Lots of tourism dollars will be spent around bike trails, walking/hiking opportunities and “relaxing” places to visit while healing and rejuvenating.


WCI: Why do you think workplaces should invest in employee well-being?
JE: Gallup defines well-being as a leadership strategy for a great job and a great life. Employers who embrace “corporate value and corporate social opportunity” over “executive pay increases and shareholder return” will help us find the right blend between valuing profit and valuing people. Employee well-being is the “secret sauce” for this complex valuing system.


WCI: What do you like to do in your free time?
JE: Most of my friends and recent students are very aware of this … I am a TED Talk junkie!