Grace Brothers Vice President, Benefits, CNO Financial Group

Board President, Wellness Council of Indiana

 Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI): How long have you been a board member of the Wellness Council of Indiana?

Grace Brothers (GB): Four years

WCI: What do you enjoy most about the health and well-being field?

GB: It’s very rewarding to see the positive impact our wellness programs are making in the lives of our employees and their families. It’s making a real difference in their lives and how they feel every day. It’s also helping our company perform better and drive higher engagement. We truly believe that by focusing on health and well-being, our employees are happier, more productive and can serve our customers better.

WCI: What is your prediction for the top health/well-being trend in 2018?

GB: Continued evolution of wellness personalization. In order to more effectively engage employees in wellness, a top trend is towards more personalized wellness journeys to customize the programs to the needs of the individual and reach them at the time and place that they need the program. This is multi-faceted and has many opportunities, which through the flexibility of wellness programs can be customized with multiple paths given goals or health conditions, wearable devices and apps (engage the participant to achieve individually set goals) and automated communication tools that can reach out to the individual based upon specific data inputs to provide coaching or to recommend the next step in the individual’s wellness journey.

WCI: Why do you think workplaces should invest in employee well-being?

GB: Investing in employee well-being is good business. In any company, your employees are your greatest assets. By investing in wellness, companies are investing in their employees. Healthier employees are more engaged, more productive and drive better company performance.

WCI: What do you like to do in your free time?

GB: I love going to concerts and traveling to new places.