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Employment is a key component to finding purpose in recovery. Consistent employment offers a reliable routine, direction, support and the financial resources necessary to further the recovery process.

But many individuals treated with medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and/or navigating early recovery, have a lot of fear and uncertainty when entering the labor market. Removing this fear is an essential part of the recovery support process. Lack of knowledge on how to navigate workplace drug testing, request accommodations and talk to an employer about recovery can all cause a lot of undue stress for individuals pursuing a new way of life.

The state’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) has built a series of resources (video and print) to teach individuals in early recovery – particularly those enrolled in MOUD supports – how workplace drug testing works, what it means to request reasonable accommodations and how to think of their recovery as a regulation-protected disability.

DHMA partnered with the Wellness Council of Indiana, a subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, to deliver these materials. The Wellness Council will also be hosting three two-hour virtual trainings for MOUD providers, behavioral health professionals, consumer advocates and other invested stakeholders.

In addition to debuting the new video and print resources, educational topics will include:

• the Americans With Disabilities Act;
• how drug testing works;
• reasonable accommodations;
• when/how to discuss recovery with an employer; and
• programs/grants available for job seekers