It seems that the holiday season kicks off earlier each year. With Christmas and the new year approaching, your employees will be tempted with holiday feasts and tasty treats that can derail them from meeting or maintaining their health goals.

According to the New England Journal of Medicinethe average adult only gains approximately one pound during the holiday season. While that may not seem like much, the data also show that this weight is not lost, which means it compounds over time. That spells trouble for employee health and employer’s health care costs. Now is an excellent time to roll out physical activity and nutrition programming to keep employees healthy this holiday season and sustain these positive habits in the new year.

One possibility for employers is to run a Don’t Get Worse campaign. Employees must flatline their weight issues before they can reverse them. An example of a winning campaign is: “For the next six months, walk 500 to 1,000 steps per day, don’t gain weight and know your numbers (blood pressure and cholesterol).”

Everyone, or nearly everyone, can succeed in this challenge. Consequently, trust in the wellness programming begins to develop. The following six months of the program could focus on keeping the same objectives or deciding to raise the bar in one or more of the areas.

Staying the same (and therefore not getting worse) is a great goal to strive for during the holidays.

The Wellness Council of Indiana offers a free Don’t Get Worse template in our online resource library. Call the Wellness Helpline at (317) 264-2168 for more information.