How do you promote and communicate your wellness initiatives? Even the greatest wellness program falls flat if no one knows about it.

Every organization is different when it comes to the most effective way to communicate and promote its program. Ensure employees are well informed about your wellness offerings through a combination of printed materials, emails, intranet and other creative approaches. This strategy helps reach a multitude of employees.

Working with your marketing department to develop a brand message allows your wellness initiative to take on a look and feel of its own. It also incorporates the group’s expertise and ability to help define the message. Discuss ongoing promotion throughout the program. Daily, weekly or monthly updates from the wellness team will usually keep the program top of mind for employees.

Distinct identification of the wellness team and its communications will help ensure those messages are not mistaken as spam or dismissed. When your employees can identify messages “from the wellness committee,” they’ll understand the intent of the communication and be more receptive to the information. Feel free to take a poll or seek opinions about the methods of delivery. Discover what works best and improve upon it.

Have you been recognized as an AchieveWELL-certified organization?
Do you have a branded name and logo specific to your wellness initiative? Even if the committee is run by a department (e.g., safety or human resources), it needs to have a separate identity. It’s always beneficial to align your internal wellness communications with your external communications messages.