Brian Schroeder, Administrative Director, Eskenazi Health
Board Member, Wellness Council of Indiana

Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI): How long have you been a board member of the Wellness Council of Indiana?
Brian Schroeder (BS): One year

WCI: What do you enjoy most about the health and well-being field?
BS: The opportunity to put programs in place that take the focus off of treatment of chronic disease and focus more on keeping people out of the hospital in the first place.

WCI: What is your prediction for the top health/well-being trend in 2018?
BS: Companies will focus less on on-site occupational health clinics, and more on prevention and health promotion-based models.

WCI: Why do you think workplaces should invest in employee well-being?
BS: In an age of constant change in health care, and in business, cultures are becoming more fast paced, more demanding and leaner. As we strive to adapt to this changing environment, we must recognize that our most important assets are our employees. Our cultures are not only changing but evolving. And as we create programs that assist us in adapting to change – particularly in the way of wellness – we need new and innovative approaches that permanently shift the dynamics of culture to one of safety, happiness and well-being.

WCI: What do you like to do in your free time?
BS: I am a serial entrepreneur. In my free time, outside of time with my family, my passion is building new innovative business models that I might take to market. Currently, I am co-owner of a tech startup: Preventia Group, LLC. It’s an amazing adventure and I love every moment of it.