AchieveWELL: Three Star

Three Star level recognition is one of the services provided by the Wellness Council of Indiana. AchieveWELL provides a blueprint and a strategy for a successful wellness initiative in the workplace. Contact the Wellness Council of Indiana at (317) 264-2168 for more information about how to get started.

Interested in more information about the AchieveWELL Three Star recognition? Refer to this AchieveWELL 3 Star Guideline.

Leadership Throughout the Organization

The key to a successful wellness initiative is have your top leaders supporting and engaging in your workplace wellness initiative, but too many times, especially when your executives are on board, the roadblocks for a successful implementation and growth comes from your front line supervisors and “middle management.” 

Wellness Team

In order to fully execute a wellness initiative, it must be done with a team of champions throughout the organization.  In fact, the best wellness programs typically have outside expertise involved either as a formal member of the team or as an advisor to your wellness leaders.

Measure what Matters

The point of measurement is to identify key outcome points, determine if these points can be controlled by the initiative and then base your decision making on the success or failure of these outcomes. When just starting out, participation may be a measurement that matters.  As you evolve, different measuring points should be considered.  Be cognizant about what your initiative and programs can financially impact.

Data Driven Decision Making

It is one thing to collect data and assess it. It is a completely different model to drive your strategy and make decisions based on that data.  Many employees are skeptical of wellness programs because the data collection occurs, but the changes that should come about from the data collection are never executed.

Integrate with your Organization's Mission/Vision

When wellness becomes a strategic vision of the workplace, that is when environments change and the impact is truly felt.  Wellness should not be considered as just a program or a benefit, but rather an integrated and strategic focus on making the healthier choice at work the easier choice.

Operating Plan

Fail to plan, then plan to fail.  It is imperative that you develop a 12-24 month plan for how your organization will execute and manage a workplace wellness initiative.  Based on the data drivers, the measurement for what matter and the need to garner support from leadership, a well-structured and thought out plan is a key success factor.  Use of technology for wellness must be a major consideration when building your operating plan.


Communications Strategy

The importance of developing a plan for communicating your message is critical.  Look for ways to brand your wellness initiative and know the best practices and best methodologies for how to get the word out about your wellness events.  A multi-channel communication strategy is critical to the success of your initiative.

Reward Optimization

Are your current rewards accomplishing what you meant for them to do?  Developing an optimal strategy to reward and incent must be viewed as ways to get your employees involved.  Their impact will only be realized when the extrinsic (incentive) reward is transferred into an intrinsic (self) motivation.

Align with Safety and Injury Prevention

Keeping your employees alert, focused and physically healthy reduces the chances for accidents and injuries.  However, there is a need for an acute awareness on safety measures like natural disasters, domestic violence, and harassment.  Look beyond injuries.

Responsible, Accountable and Supportive

What we demand of our employees must be emulated by our workplace environment.  Diminished organizational health has a direct effect on productivity and profitability.  Your workplace environment must be conducive to making the healthier choice the easy choice.  This is important from being socially responsible, personally and professionally accountable, and supportive about being good stewards at work and in the community.