Engaging your employees in well-being can’t be a one-man (or woman) job – it truly takes a village! That’s why a wellness committee can be instrumental in helping your workplace wellness program meet its goals.

According to the book Engaging Wellness, a wellness committee is a group of dedicated individuals who are motivated and informed to create healthy change in the workplace. Essentially, they’re project managers responsible for carrying out the well-being vision and strategy set by leadership. In addition, they’re helpful with relaying employee feedback to leadership and training other employees on new initiatives.

Herron High School found success in forming its own wellness committee, an opportunity revealed through a discovery and consultation process with FirstPerson. As a result, faculty and staff embraced the drive for improved morale and got involved by creating team events. Herron CFO Juli Woodrum says, “The changes and new levels of engagement will help the school continue to grow and strengthen.”

Here are a few tips for starting a wellness committee at your organization:

  • Before creating your wellness committee, look around to see if one may already exist. If one does, start with these people and build from there!
  • If no group already exists, you can take a few different approaches to recruit members, including calling for volunteers, asking management or building it yourself with individuals representing different departments.
  • Be specific about what member responsibilities are, including the expected time commitment and duties.
  • Next, work together to create a mission and vision statement to help keep everyone on track and work toward a common goal.
  • When you have meetings, always have an agenda (and stick to it!) and outline a follow-up for each member.