By Chuck Gillespie, executive director, Wellness Council of Indiana

Research has proven that, in order to have a more successful workplace wellness initiative, organizations need to look beyond their own walls and help employees influence the home environment. This is not easy, but the Wellness Council of Indiana continues to seek opportunities that lay the foundation for health and well-being for all Hoosiers by providing resources and tools that can help bridge the gap. When workplaces and communities align values, the opportunity to shift the mindsets of our employees and families becomes more realistic. We call this collective impact.

As part of the Indiana Healthy Community Initiative, the Wellness Council has teamed up with INShape Indiana, the Indiana Workplace Wellness Partnership and Live Healthy America to offer an opportunity to increase well-being at work and at home throughout the state: Live Healthy Indiana.

What is Live Healthy Indiana? Live Healthy Indiana is bringing together friends, families, businesses and communities across Indiana to participate in team-based challenges designed to promote positive lifestyle change and social interaction.

These challenges can change the culture of a company and community, one team at a time!

The first program is a six-week challenge called SHIFT. It runs May 2 through June 10. Registration opens April 11. The cost is only $20 per participant; each receives a t-shirt, magazine and access to the Live Healthy Indiana site.

For some workplaces, Live Healthy Indiana can be set up as a pass-through to employees. Just promote it and let them sign up. Other workplaces have either paid the registration fee in full or subsidized it. To learn more about how to get started, go to and click on the Live Healthy Indiana Registration button. Complete the Administrator Form under the SHIFT Challenge icon so that your organization can be one of the first to lead the change in making Indiana a healthier place to live, work and play!