Over the last five years, the Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI) has received numerous requests to put together a program that allows workplaces and communities to come together for better health. Recently, WCI launched the Indiana Healthy Community Initiative, which provides local organizations, business and community leaders with a rallying cry. One of the most important components of Indiana Healthy Community is to engage and activate residents. How can this be accomplished? We’ve found a solution in Live Healthy Indiana.

What is Live Healthy Indiana? WCI has teamed up with INShape Indiana, the Indiana Workplace Wellness Partnership and Live Healthy America to launch a series of team-based challenges that allows friends, families, businesses and communities across Indiana to participate together in fun activities that promote positive lifestyle change and social interaction.

These challenges can change the culture of a company and community, one team at a time!

The first program is a six-week challenge called SHIFT (download the flyer), which runs May 2 through June 10. Registration is now open!

Here is how you get involved:

  1. Want to run a program through your workplace?
    • Go to the Live Healthy Indiana web site to learn more about the SHIFT Challenge and to register your company.
      • There is an option to pay all or a portion of the registration fee, if you choose. Upon registering your business, a specific code will be given to you to give to your employees (employees will receive your chosen discounted price if they use your assigned code).
      • If your company is registered and your employees utilize that code, reports about how your employees participated will be available.
  2. Gather a group of three to 10 individuals to form a team.
    • Teams can be friends, co-workers, family members or anyone else!
    • SHIFT is open to all participants throughout Indiana.
    • Let others in your community know this opportunity is available.
  3. Register to compete.
    • Go to the Live Healthy Indiana web site and register.
    • Include an address to ensure you receive gifts that accompany the SHIFT Challenge event.

If you need additional help registering for the Live Healthy Indiana SHIFT Challenge, connect with a representative via the contact page. Good luck and let’s all live healthier, Indiana!