Phil Huffine Memorial Student Scholarship

Congratulations – 2014 Phil Huffine Memorial Scholarship winners:

Loren Ferreira of Indiana University
Brittany Wonnell 
of Ball State University

The Wellness Council of Indiana is pleased to announce the Phil Huffine Memorial Student Scholarship. Awarded annually to two students in Indiana, each winner will receive $1,000 to support their higher education journey in the fields of wellness and health promotion.

Dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles for all Indiana citizens through wellness activities at work, the Wellness Council hopes that as students complete this application they, too, see the value in healthy employees, families and communities in Indiana.

Check back soon for 2015 scholarship application and deadline.

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who:

  • Are a U.S. citizen and currently a resident of Indiana;
  • Are currently attending or have registered to attend an accredited public or private school within the state of Indiana;
  • Have selected education that will lead to a career path in the field of wellness and/or health promotion;
  • Have completed the scholarship application form in full and did so clearly;
  • Have demonstrated sincerity to be successful in the wellness/health promotion industry and are committed to using their expertise for the betterment of Indiana citizens;
  • Priority points will be given if you or a relative work for a company that is a sponsor or member of the Wellness Council of Indiana.

All questions may be addressed via email to Recipients of this scholarship will be publicized along with announcements from the Wellness Council of Indiana. Please share this information with any qualified students who you think would be interested in applying.