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The Wellness Council of Indiana is a 501(c)(3) organization and the only statewide not-for-profit specifically dedicated to work site wellness and community well-being in Indiana. Organized as a volunteer-based association in 1988 and acquired by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in 2011, the Wellness Council of Indiana has grown to be one of the largest state councils in the United States. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber, the Wellness Council continues to grow and offer workplaces and communities a best-of-class blueprint for success.

We have helped thousands of organizations save time and avoid costly miscalculations when implementing and managing workplace wellness initiatives. It makes no difference whether you have five employees or 50,000, the relative impact is the same. Employees spend one third of their waking hours at work, so the workplace offers a logical opportunity to provide employees with information, encouragement and support for making lifestyle changes that result in better overall well-being. But your success at work is tremendously influenced by the community’s overall health. Two-thirds of your employees time is away from the office, and their friends and family will dictate their ability to maintain their well-being. For this is why Indiana Healthy Community was founded in 2015.

The Wellness Council serves as the convener of people and resources for health promotion in Indiana. We assist businesses and communities by providing the tools to allow their wellness programs to grow. If you do not currently provide health promotion programs at your work site, we can provide you with the training, resources and programs to assist you in managing your wellness initiative optimally. If you already have a wellness program, let the us help tell your story and provide well-deserved recognition as an AchieveWELL organization. Does your community need advice? Request to speak to our staff about the Indiana Healthy Community designation.

The Wellness Council believes that the quality of life of any community is measured, to a large degree, by the health of its people. It is our vision to make Indiana a model state by improving the quality of life of employees and residents in order to enhance the competitiveness of our workplaces in a global economy.

What We Offer You

Our clients receive the knowledge and expertise that 25 years of working in wellness can offer. Thousands of hours and hundreds of experts working together to deliver the best wellness strategies for workplaces and communities. We stand committed to promote a healthier Indiana in and out of the office.

Forward Thinking

The health and prosperity of your company, its employees and their families must be a top strategic priority. Wellness is a leadership resource and a health strategy. Our collective expertise is considered across the country as being one of the best. Join the team and learn from the best. Do not go it alone in the wellness journey.

Blueprint for Success

Our award-winning and nationally renowned AchieveWELL recognition provides the blueprint for laying the foundation for a successful wellness strategy. With over 25 years of evaluating, coaching and recognizing workplaces across the state, the Wellness Council is your best resource for successful wellness management.

Wellness Helpline

Have access to experts all year long. The Wellness Helpline is your direct access to getting your questions answered. From basic implementation to understanding the legalities, the Wellness Council has resources across the country to ensure you have the right answer.

Mission Statement

The Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI) works collaboratively to positively impact the economic vitality of the State of Indiana by evaluating and guiding workplaces and communities through the development of their own comprehensive health and wellness strategy. WCI members and staff inspire active living, community engagement and corporate social responsibility.

Christina Heberer, Program Coordinator


Christina Heberer joined the Wellness Council of Indiana in September 2015 and held both graduate assistant and intern positions. She was hired as the Program Coordinator in May 2016.

Previously, Christina served as graduate assistant at Ball State University in the wellness management program, where she strategized and designed an employee-centered health and wellness program and business plan for a local non-profit organization.

Her career interests include corporate health and wellness programming development and implementation, aiming to improve employee happiness, health and engagement.

Christina earned a bachelor’s degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan and a masters in wellness management with a minor in business from Ball State University.

Contact Christina at (317) 264-2165 or Christina@wellnessindiana.org.


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