The Indiana Health and Wellness Summit is only one month away! I hope to see you on September 21-22 for our annual conference. We’re very excited to have this great event continue to grow and evolve.

Indiana has seen a tremendous change in the way workplaces and communities view health and wellness. The conversations we’re having today focus more on, “How do we do wellness right?” not “We must do wellness right now.”

Here are six points you’ll hear a lot about during the Summit on “doing wellness right”:

  • Don’t do it alone. Learn from others so you do not make the same mistakes. It’s easier to advance a program that’s already strong. Your budget dollars and precious time will go further by sharing and learning from each other.
  • Mental health must become a bigger focus for your health and wellness programming. Create a workplace culture where employees can personally and professionally grow their potential.
  • In order for employees to change positive behavior, you must focus more effort on influencing those people who influence your employees the most. Who are these influencers? Typically, it’s people who don’t come to work with them – their family and friends in their community. Get involved with community health and well-being initiatives.
  • Make your wellness initiative social. Focus less on diet and exercise. Spend more time developing programs that have a greater good. Cleaning up a community asset not only inspires movement, but adds a great sense of community pride. That community pride will likely get more people involved.
  • Most employers have the physical wellness aspect of their programs pretty well established. Look for ways to incorporate the other factors of wellness into your strategy.
  • Workplaces are still struggling with incorporating wellness into the company’s mission. Connecting your wellness goals to your company goals will positively impact your whole organization.

See you at the Summit!